Another one bites the dust

What do you imagine when you think of Seattle?

Rain? Coffee? Hip little boys and girls determining the next fashion statement?

How about the news?

If you chose the latter, you’re in for a rude awakening.

According to an article posted on, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is sinking faster than the Titanic:

“Employees at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will learn next week whether Hearst Corp will name a buyer for the daily newspaper, close its print edition or shut it down entirely.”

The atricle goes on to say, “Hearst, which is also threatening to close the San Francisco Chronicle unless it can save money through layoffs and other cost cuts, has already warned P-I employees that they could lose their jobs as early as March 18.”

Yet another depressing story detailing the death of newspapers. It was in this vein of thinking that I stumbled upon a blog that proposed a drastic change for print.

Blog Maverick detailed a plan for newspapers to mold their business models into that of online video sites. What if The New York Times created an agreement with a cable giant like Comcast. Suppose Comcast gave their customers exclusive rights to the online edition of The New York Times for a small fee. Each entity would help with advertising for the other. Comcast becomes a purveyor of one of the most influential news chains in history, while The New York Times gains revenue and expanded readership.

I know this raises many ethical questions, but let’s face it, newspapers are already corporately controlled. Besides, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Unless we change course, the newspaper as we know it will find itself at the bottom of the ocean, floating in a watery grave of irrelvance.

Just like in this article from, newsrooms around the world will become empty and the fourth estate will become a ghost.

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