Dawn of the Dead (Internet)

Imagine an America without Internet.

For my generation, that’s like imagining a life without hands or feet.

Without the World Wide Web, we’d be like lost sheep roaming a pitch black cave. Only instead of frightened “baaas” we’d be screaming “Where’s my Google?”

As horrifying as this scenario sounds, plenty of people on this planet live their lives without the aid of Internet. Their lives may be out of touch with celebrity gossip and viral videos, but they’re lives nonetheless.

But Americans? With no Internet? That’s a recipe for disaster.

We have come to rely so heavily on the Internet as our primary source for information and connection that to have it taken away would cripple the United States beyond belief.

We would be reduced to an updated version of the 1950’s, which, in retrospect, would sort of be like living in a third world country.

Forget for a moment the devastating effects this would have on our living conditions. Disregard the complete panic that would ensue when basic utilities and services are severed. The social impacts alone would be enough to send some people into the looney bin.

Even the loss of Google by itself would be enough to completely disrupt modern technology usage, as outlined in Ecommerce Journal.

The truth is, imagining an America without the Internet is impossible. There would be no America without the Internet. Whatever our past was, modern America is very much intertwined with modern technology.

We are a digital country living in a digital age.

The advent of Internet and the World Wide Web are very recent creations, as shown in the NetValley timeline. But they are now as vital to American culture as baseball and apple pie.

So go ahead and imagine an America without Internet. Your daydream would quickly become a nightmare.

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  1. LOL “Where’s my Google?” should be our class motto.

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