Three out of ten things every journalist should know

I’ve pursued a career in journalism with very traditional ideals in mind. I imagined myself working in a hectic pigsty, surrounded by clones of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Phones would constantly be ringing as my noble colleagues and I sweated out deadlines in search of the next big story.

If only I had been born in 1950.

But alas, here I am, embarking on a career in a drastically changing field. I love print, but print is dying. I love to write, but multimedia is the future. It seems the golden age of the fedora wearing newspaperman is behind us. The time of the techno-whiz reporter is upon us.

And it’s in that spirit that I checked out a post entitled “Ten Things Every Journalist Should Know In 2009” on

The first essential on this list was knowing how to use Twitter.  I’ve never twittered in my life. The second was knowing how to use RSS feeds. I had no idea what an RSS feed was.

And so it went.

While I could only claim to have fully understood three of the list’s caveats, it’s nice to know someone is spelling it all out for us. Although dejected and downtrodden today, with enough elbow grease and old-fashioned Edward Murrow-moxie, I’ll be able to conquer that list.

Or at the very least, keep up with it.

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